Clayton E. Curtis, Ph.D.

Principle Investigator, Lab Director

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Wayne Mackey, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Researcher, State Space Labs

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Post Doctoral Researcher

How does the brain support behaviors requiring visual spatial cognition? I use multivariate analysis techniques applied to fMRI and EEG data, along with causal interventions (TMS) to evaluate where, when, and how visual information is represented in the human brain. [CV]


Kevin DeSimone, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Researcher

My research revolves around using functional brain imaging and computational modeling techniques to explore the response properties and functional organization of the human subcortex. My doctoral research was aimed at exploring methods and models for mapping the functional organization of a number of subcortical nuclei in the thalamus. In particular, Kevin developed a spatiotemporal population receptive field model for functionally segmenting the magnocellular and parvocellular layers of the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus. My post-doctoral research is aimed at exploring the representation of spatial priority in the human superior colliculus. I am also interested exploring how the brain represents visual stimuli that are made invisible using flicker fusion techniques. In addition to these research projects, I actively maintains an open-source Python library for creating and estimating population receptive field models called popeye.


Sangita Dandekar, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Researcher

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Masih Rahmati, M.A.

Doctoral Student

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Grace Hallenbeck, M.A.

Doctoral Student

How does the human brain represent information? How does it represent some information as more important than other information? As a doctoral student in the Curtis lab, I'm using fMRI, eye-tracking, computational modeling, psychophysics and TMS to answer these questions


Alfredo Bolaños

Doctoral Student

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Helena Palmieri

Masters Student

A New York native, Helena Palmieri, is a recent graduate of New York University with a B.A. in Psychology and minors in Art History and Linguistics. She is working towards a master's in Psychology, specifically focusing on Cognitive Psychology. During her time at NYU, she has worked closely with the Curtis Lab, which has supported her interests in attention and working memory prioritization.



Linjing Jiang

Masters Student

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Gaoyang Gui

Masters Student

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Rafael Cruz

Masters Student

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Laboratory Alumni

Zuzanna Klyszejko, Ph.D.

Data Scientist, Wayfair

Trenton Jerde, Ph.D.
Columbia University

Jason Connolly, Ph.D.
Durham University

Kyeong-Jin Tark, Ph.D.
Inst. Basic Science, Korea Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research

Jay Fuller, Ph.D.

State Space Labs

David "Drew" Fegen, M.D.

Data Scientist, The Ladders

Riju Srimal, Ph.D.
Officer at U.S. Department of State

Golbarg Saber, Ph.D.

Medical University of South Carolina

Deepna Devkar, Ph.D.

Director of Data Science at Dotdash

Akiko Ikkai, Ph.D.
Researcher, Factset