Masih Rahmati



I'm a postdoctoral fellow in Curtis lab. I received my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, and an MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. I also completed an MA in Brain & Cognitive Sciences at University of Rochester, US. I recently finished my PhD in Cognition and Perception at the department of psychology at New York University. 

My research focus is on neural dynamics of visual short term memory which I basically study through applying computational modeling to fMRI, EEG and behavioral data. Currently, my main research is about how ensembles of neurons in early visual areas are modulated by top-down feedback signals from higher level areas in frontal and parietal regions during retention of both spatial and non-spatial features (such as orientation, color, etc.) in visual working memory.

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Spatial Working Memory


Non-Spatial Working memory


Computational neuroimaging



For a list of my publications you can check my google scholar page.